Worried About your ATAR?

04 Nov 2022

After 12 years at school, the importance of your ATAR may have really been drummed in to you. And if you’re planning on heading off to uni straight after Year 12, then yes – it could be the most straight forward way to help you get into the course or university of your choice.

Here are some ATAR facts you may not know, hopefully they’ll provide some more perspective (and maybe some less pressure).

  • 77.20 was the average ATAR for an offer in 2021, but 54.6% of applicants with an ATAR of 50.00 or lower still received an offer.
  • In 2021, out of 241,558 university offers made, 62.1% did not have an ATAR.
  • 53.1% of those with an ATAR of 95.05 or above in 2021 were applying for Engineering, Science or Management and Commerce courses.
  • Highest ATAR is 99.95.  Offers to applicants with an ATAR above 90 only accounted for 10% of the total offers made in 2021.
  • 88.3% of Year 12’s who applied for uni in 2021 received an offer.

Your future doesn’t wholly depend on your ATAR score. So you if you’re feeling under pressure right now, try taking a step back, breathe, then evaluate all of the options open to you.

Whether your ATAR is a bit lower than you’d hoped, or you’re still unsure what your next step should be, it’s OK – you have plenty of choices.

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