CUC Maranoa Student Resources

Below are a list of helpful instructions for students of our centre to help with the centre’s resources as well as some things to help you with your studies.

Help for using Centre facilities and resources

Booking an office

Need an office to do an exam? See the PDF below for instructions on how to book an office at our centre online.

CUC Booking System

Proctored Exams Setup

For help with doing a proctored exam at our centre check out the following document:

Proctoru Instructions


Tick-Time Instructions

We have some TickTime timers available for students to use (Great for using with the Pomodoro Technique).  See the document below on how to use them.

TickTime Instructions

Using the Printer

Instructions on printing and scanning to the centre’s printer is in the following document:

Using the Printer

If toner or paper needs replacing please follow the instructions on the printer itself.  The toner can be found in the bottom of the cupboard next to the printer.   Please let one of the staff know if you do replace a toner, so we can make sure we order more.

Helpful resources to help with your studies

APA Referencing Guide