The Benefits and Downsides of Online Study

03 Aug 2022

The past couple of years have seen a huge uptake in universities moving their learning online, and it’s an option that’s more popular and accessible than ever.

But for some people, the downsides make it hard compared to being able to attend classes on campus.  That’s why, here at the CUC, we do what we can to mitigate those downsides.


The flexibility

When you study online, you can generally set your own pace. You can take as long – or as little – as you need on a certain topic. You can also choose when to study. If you’re an early riser, you can study in the morning, and if you’re more of a night owl, then you can study at night instead. It also gives you the flexibility to fit your study around other commitments, such as work.

Minimal disruption

Even if there is no university campus nearby, studying online means you don’t have to move away to access top-notch education. This could save you heaps of money in travel expenses and accommodation. And you don’t have to shift your whole life half way across the country.

Meet people from all over

Studying online isn’t necessarily lonely – you will often be able to chat to your other classmates and lecturers virtually, either by video or text. You can meet people from all over Australia, and even overseas, giving you a broader perspective during your studies.


Requires serious time management skills and discipline

Studying at your own pace can be a blessing – or it can be a curse. If you’re the kind of person who’s more likely to stay in bed and get distracted scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, online study might not be as easy.

Less access to resources

Depending on where you live, you might not have access to a library in town. Or perhaps you still live at home with younger siblings and your house is often crowded and noisy, making it difficult to study. At times like these it’s nice to have certain facilities to go to.

No face-to-face contact

Even though you will still chat regularly with your lecturers and other students, it can still be lonely for some people without proper face-to-face time with friends. Be careful not to get sucked into the trap of never leaving your house either! Having support and connections through other means (family, other friends, etc) is still important.

How the CUC can help with the downsides

One of the main goals of the CUC is to remove the difficulties of remote and online studies.  Some of the ways we do this is by some of the following:

Providing Access to our LSA (Learning Skills Advisor)

Our LSA is available to all students of the CUC to help with such things as

  • Time management
  • Settling into study
  • Study, assessment and weekly planners
  • Tips to study effectively
  • Referencing help
  • Breaking down assignment questions
  • Writing Feedback
  • Tips to beat procrastination
  • Tips to manage stress
  • Academic Writing
  • Research Skills
  • How to prep for exams
  • Anything else students may need help with

Our LSA holds weekly workshops that cover the above that students can be a part of, or if they prefer they can book a one-on-one session to discuss any problems they may need help with.

Providing access to free resources

CUC Maranoa is a state-of-the-art study campus dedicated for students studying in the Maranoa.   Students can access our 14 computers with dual monitors, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi (greater than 100mbps upload/download), spaces for BYO devices, copying and scanning facilities, video conferencing training rooms, and a social zone including a kitchen and lounge.  This is all provided for FREE to help remote and online students to have access to all the technical resources they may need as part of their studies.

We also provide a library of text books donated by local Universities as well as guides and a go between to the various learning providers that students are with.

Providing a social network between students

Here at the CUC we provide a place that fellow students can meet up and discuss topics with other students, whether those studying in the same field as them or just someone studying remotely or online the same as themselves.

We hold regular events to promote social networking opportunities or just help students relax and wind down.

Providing a place free from distractions

Our centre gives students a place to study in a distraction free environment and also provides enclosed offices that can also be used for doing any online exams in a sealed room for complete concentration.

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